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I am looking for a sponsor who will provide a small educational grant, which will allow me to develop and maintain this site for many biological, nursing and medical sciences students.

So far, the results of all the work that is done here, include:

Editing and Updating, and
Maintaining this site

This is an ongoing and on pro bono project, that I do in my limited spare time. Hosting of this site is provided FREE, a yearly-renewed gift from my supportive family.

Sponsoring will allow me to develop this site much further and provide even more interactive study resources for all students and run short programs on how to use the Internet to study and acquire knowledge in science.

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Dr. Keti

Out of many emails that I get from students, hear what some of them are saying:

Dr. Keti, please explain what is MRSA? And thanks for the Microbiology links, they helped me continue and complete my Micro class!
Josh, Grand Rapids, MI

Thank you Dr. Keti for your Physiology links. I struggled to understand osmosis! But after accessing the links and studying the examples on your site, I had no problem answering all the questions on the exam… I was ashamed to admit it in class before!
Michelle, Detroit, MI

Dr. Keti, your site is a great source of information and convenient because it is available 24 hours every day. Thank you for carrying enough for every student.
Kim, Bushnell, FL

Dr. Keti, your web site provides a vast array of information, and as a current college student it has proved invaluable in expanding my knowledge base. It is a real time saver! Thank you for caring to create and maintain this web site. Keep up the good work!
Perri, Groveland, Fl