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Dr. Keti

My Philosophy

I am one of those who firmly believe that "knowledge is the best prescription one can get". As a former family doctor now full time faculty and an educator, I know that I need to keep current in my discipline, and I do so through continuous research and study and encourage my students to do the same. I strive to "infect" my students with enthusiasm towards learning about science and with a lifetime commitment towards continuous education. Learning and applying knowledge to help others is just one of my passions that I am strongly committed to.

My Interests

My interests and current work as an educator are related to integration of Internet Technology in promoting learning and knowledge retention. My intention is to continue working on designing and maintaining my Student Resources pages. The online links on my class pages have been carefully selected in order to assist students in comprehension of science topics. My favorite teaching subjects are related to the field of Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Infectious Diseases, Immunology, Genetics and Toxicology. As a medical doctor my interests and research are focused on emerging diseases, biological agents, prevention and early detection of naturally or intentionally occurring outbreaks and public health concerns. In addition, I like researching social sciences topics that are concerned with studying methods and ways to manage social and economic disruption caused by major outbreaks of diseases.


  • MD  ·  Medical Faculty  ·  University of Kiril and Methodij  ·  Skopje ·Macedonia ·  
  • BSC (Honors) in Computer Science  · Greenwich University  · London  · England  ·
  • Graduation Certificate/Diploma in piano and music studies  · Music School · Skopje, Macedonia

Other Info

 Languages I speak:
Fluent: English, Greek, Serbo-Croatian, Macedonian and Russian.
Basic: French.
 Other stuff I like:
Music, reading, history, social sciences and current affairs.
Most recent achievements:
External grants:
 In 2005 - Florida's Governor's Summer Grant Science Program for HS gifted students
 In 2004 - Florida's Governor's Summer Grant Science Program for HS gifted students
Reviewed text for textbook publishers:
In 2006 - Mader's Biology, 9/e: Chapter 9)The Cell Cycle and Cellular Reproduction; Chapter 13)DNA Structure and Functions Chapter;
In 2005:
 - Mader, Inquiry into Life, 12e: Chapters 13, 25, and 28;
 - Solomon Biology 8e: Ch.43) Internal Defense; Ch.47) Endocrine Regulation; Ch.16) Genes and Development; Ch.40)Neural Regulation.
Exchange Program Activities:
 - March 2005 - Guest Speaker on Biologics and Public Health: Overview of Historical Cases of Biological Agents in Wars at the Medical School of St. Kiril and Methodij University, Skopje, Macedonia, for the graduate students in public health program
 - June and July 2003 - Guest Speaker on: Overview of Historical Cases of Biological Agents Used as Weapons for the HS gifted students and HS biology teachers registered for summer program at Ferris University, Big Rapids, MI
 - April 2003 - Guest Speaker on: Overview of Historical Cases of Biological Agents Used as Weapons for the GRCC science students and faculty in Grand Rapids, MI
Current projects:
 -Developing customized power point presentations fro my Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases and other undergraduate classes
 -Writing a paper intended as reading material or microbiological supplemental on Brief Overview of History and Usage of Biologics in Wartime

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