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This website was created entirely by Dr. Keti Venovski in 2006 in the little amount of free time she had available between a hectic work and home life.

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There are two parts to this site:
Student Study Resources and Information on certain medical conditions of interests to the visitors of this site.

The information provided here is FREE!

All my work relating to this site, including designing, updating, researching and maintaining is pro bono. This is an ongoing, not for profit project of mine, and I work on it in my limited spare time. In case you consider sponsoring this site, and help me in developing it further, please click here.

Please note that I do not engage in e-mail exchange or any other correspondence on medical cases of your concern, neither reply to student research or homework questions.

If you have a question about a particular condition of your interest, please do check my Dr. Keti Answers page first, before emailing me.
I'll research the most up to date literature on the topic of your concern, and post the reply, when I can, including other references and links on my Dr. Keti Answers page.

Because of my other work commitments there is always a backlog of questions awaiting response.

Biology, pre-med and medical sciences students check my Online Study Resources page, to access links that cover particular topic of your research and study.

  Best of Health,
  Dr. Keti

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